Founded under Ontario law in 1996 by company president Ron Lutka. Corporate Streamlining’s main service is locating then helping to eradicate failures of basic activities in organizations. We do this by applying our Corporate Streamlining Technology® which Ron developed and documented in a 100+ page manual (this is a ‘how-to’ technology not an IT technology). Although this is the main service offered, the company has undertaken accounting/finance assignments and performance management training assignments within industry, and more recently within government.

Corporate Streamlining is a boutique organization consisting of company president Ron Lutka and a small team of employees and/or independent contractors and sub-contractors as needed.

In 2014 we shifted our strategy from solely private industry business to also bidding on provincial and federal government work. We are a vendor of record for both.

We recently shifted our strategy to add an eTraining service we refer to as 'Corporate Streamlining Technology® (basic)' thereby delivering our Corporate Streamlining Technology® on a more basic level that can be disseminated more broadly and rapidly. We still offer our on-site services for organizations who want to go that route from the start. However we believe most organizations prefer to train their employees on theory and also to gain practical skills to help the organization self-repair as a matter of routine before acquiring our on-site service, if they chose to; and thus our eTraining service was born.

Gain the comfort that all is well within your organization...by making it so™