Biggest mistake

The biggest mistake that can be made once it has been decided to move forward with searching for and diffusing black hole creating items and streamlining an organization is to not apply the technology. It is understandable for customer management to want a quick fix, and yes things come up that need to be addressed right away, however many organizations are well beyond any quick fix solution to their difficulties. In fact such an approach inevitably makes things worse.

Apply the technology as presented. This in itself is a piece of technology. Each component of the technology has been tested in some way in some organization no matter how casually. And it works. It works well. It yields stellar results: confusion lifts; error rates drop; losses and damages contract; production increases; more work is accomplished for less effort; risks are reduced; control is gained; margins and profits increase. And smiles return to their faces.

Gain the comfort that all is well within your making it so™