Missing step

For executives who are considering re-engineering, computer conversion, workflow implementation, or many other initiatives, we increase the success of such projects by tidying up the organization, helping it function better, and clearing any backlog situations prior to the commencement of such projects. We are unlike our primary competitors who omit this step and approach these projects on too steep a gradient often resulting in large cost overruns and incomplete implementations. We do not perform re-engineering, computer conversion, or workflow projects at this time. However, one of the many benefits of clearing black holes from organizations is it acts as a set-up (preparing the organization) for such projects.

Re-engineering and computer conversion projects have a history of budget overruns and less than ideal implementations largely because the organization that was the target of the “betterment” was not brought up to a sufficient level of organization, standardization, consistency, transparency, re-connection of numerous disconnects, and cleared backlog to accept a re-engineering or computer conversion load.

This failure to ready the organization for re-engineering or computer conversion is so prevalent and obvious in the industry that the IT industry has dubbed the term “analysis paralysis”. IT personnel become forever stuck in trying to figure out the “as-is” situation before planning change. Some IT personnel who are aware of the “analysis paralysis” problem avoid trying to figure out the “as-is” situation altogether and dive right in to effect the re-engineering or computer conversion change. Both approaches are less than ideal because for one thing, dirty accounts receivable or other data might be dumped into the new system. And because it is dirty, thousands of dirty items might not fit into the new “pigeon holes”. Problem!

Chief Information Officers would be wise to demand that administration, procedures, policies and operations are readied prior to any re-engineering or computer conversion exercise. No matter how much an existing system is disliked it should be put in good order.

Corporate Streamlining can help prepare the organization for re-engineering or computer conversion projects. Whether or not your organization is considering re-engineering or computer conversion, Corporate Streamlining can be of tremendous value in helping streamline your organization.

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