President's Message

Corporate Streamlining is committed to increasing the efficiency of its customers and to reducing an organization’s risk and the risk of its officers, directors, and employees. Increased efficiency automatically brings with it lower costs, higher margins and increased capacity for output.

We work with a purpose and with urgency. We work for a result - a less confused, less stressful operation that is smoother, more efficient, more effective, more profitable, more in control, more aligned, and more survival oriented.

Over the decades I have observed from the inside that executives, front line managers and staff are usually consumed by their daily responsibilities which often do not allow them the required time to step back and understand the flow of their business and to map it out and to put reporting mechanisms in place that allows top management to keep their "finger on the pulse" in the truest sense of these words. Nor do they have time to put mechanisms in place that put the attention of the employees on the exact actions that are required to run the business optimally, and to keep their attention there. The old financial models do little to help increase efficiency because for one they are far too late on the chain. And employees do not have time to delve into the issues of efficiency and streamlining because their immediate problem is usually of a more immediate nature - fires! Work gets backlogged to the point it takes a herculean effort to bring it to current status, and large write offs often follow in the wake.

Executives are acquiring companies and booming sales, and rightly so, while staff employees are doing their best to put out fires. No one can find the time to organize the operation behind all this change and to streamline it and to hold it's form and to put calm into the organization despite their many good intentions to do so. We at Corporate Streamlining are committed to spending 100% of our time, our attention, our ability and our energy toward streamlining our customers' businesses driving them to potentially new heights.

Our efforts are not a "hit and miss" strategy. I honestly believe that the "stops" on every organization will yield to a systematic approach to streamlining. Organizations have grown so complex, even the start ups and medium sized companies, that any effort in the direction of corporate streamlining is worthwhile. There is always something to gain - always some profit or improved customer satisfaction to wring out of the operation. Always some risk reduction opportunities. Always some calm to bring to a poor clerk's desk. Always! The ONLY question remaining is "How much gain can be gotten for your organization from Corporate Streamlining's Corporate Streamlining Technology® and Critical Path Technology®".

We are looking forward to building relationships with our corporate customers and, among other things, to helping our customers close the gap between the ‘point of accepting an order from their customers’ and ‘delivering the finished product to their customers’, all within the parameter of "a quality demanded by the marketplace". And all with a drive toward reducing that cycle time to the ultimate value of zero. And all with a drive toward reducing costs toward the ultimate value of zero also. -- One must at least try.

Ron Lutka, CPA, CMA, ACIS, P.ADM, CorpS, Acc.Dir
President and Streamliner

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