Repairs give organizations gains. When Corporate Streamlining Technology® is applied, repairs parallel the review as best as possible for numerous reasons. Organizations shift after even modest repair has been performed is one reason.

Activities are basic building blocks of organizations. ‘Omitted activity’, ‘incomplete activity’, ‘wrong activity’, ‘wrong sequence’, and ‘symbiotic activities disconnected’ are some of the ways basic building blocks (activities) can fail. This can lead to process failures, which can lead to failure to produce and deliver quality products and services or administrative failures, which in turn can threaten survival. It is individual basic activities we want to first repair.

Although significant gains can be made in-house, the gains will be limited because employees trying to keep organizations functioning are often already over-stretched heroes. Black holes must be overwhelmed before they overwhelm the organization and this requires outside help dedicated solely to that issue, preferably help that is trained in this field. Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. has been established for that purpose.

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