Theory + Practical

Do you want to get more value out of your employees…immediately?

Is your organization ‘greased’ for both good times and bad?

Are your employees alert to failures of basic activities?

eTraining Objective

Educate employees on what black holes in organizations are then provide them with practical hands-on skills to locate failures of basic activities that cause black holes to form.

The objective on an individual employee level will be employees capable of improving organizational functionality immediately and well into the future.

The objective on an organizational level will be an organization capable of performing self-repair as a matter of routine.

This holistic approach to organizational betterment can lead to a wide range of organizational benefits from increased employee morale and customer satisfaction to organizational transparency, increased productivity, accident reduction, and increased margins. The holistic approach presented (as opposed to a ‘problem-solution’ approach) is comparable to the holistic approach in the health field where one takes good care of the body to lessen and even to prevent a wide range of ailments from occurring.

eTraining Format

: Online eTraining. Each employee the organization requests perform the eTraining will be emailed a link to access the eTraining and a password. Employees will be given a set amount of time to complete the training, usually 5 business days.

eTraining Outline

Why Us?

Our founder (Ron Lutka CPA, CMA, ACIS, P.ADM, CorpS, Acc.Dir) developed Corporate Streamlining Technology® after observing many failures of basic activities aggravating and at times causing much larger problems higher up organizations of all sizes.

Ron wrote the book titled Black Holes in Organizations and several of his articles on this subject have been published in professional magazines including as feature articles. One article won the Articles of Merit Award placing number one worldwide presented by the International Federation of Accountants in New York.

With over 15 years of experience applying his technology in industry, both leading teams and alone, Ron is the ideal person to have developed this eTraining.

Immediate Application

The skill learned in the eTraining can be applied immediately by a broad range of employees to help your organization attain the level of ‘an organization operating as management intended it to operate’. In fact, during the eTraining the participants will be asked to consider their work environment when learning this new skill, potentially giving your organization gains right there during the eTraining.

A Holistic Approach

Our approach is not one of ‘problem – solution’. It is one of creating a healthily functioning organization. And from that healthily functioning organization many benefits can potentially flow. What those benefits are depends on the organization however they can include:

An analogy would be the human body. Some people work at directly addressing a problem such as administering heart surgery to mend a damaged heart. Other people apply a more holistic approach and work at maintaining a healthy body and by doing so problems such as osteoporosis, low energy, hardening arteries, and many more ailments have a much less chance of arising, and when they do arise they are usually less severe and easier to resolve. Corporate Streamlining Technology® from which this eTraining is derived falls into the latter category.

Who should undergo this eTraining?

Any employee who performs repetitive activities; which could occur in almost any part of an organization including administration, accounting, operations, maintenance, marketing, IT, and sales, even if only performed periodically such as preparing an annual budget or executing a quarterly marketing campaign.

Supervisors of the above employees would also find the eTraining to be of value. Even management could find value in the eTraining, especially to reinforce this new way of thinking throughout the organization.

Gain the comfort that all is well within your making it so™