The ultimate price
to pay for ignoring
black holes in an organization

Mergers, de-mergers, sell-offs, acquisitions, workflow implementations, computer conversions, re-engineering, modeling, re-modeling are sexy boardroom talk and they definitely have their places but how much value has been left on the table or how much additional risk has been assumed by pursuing one or more of these avenues without first addressing black holes in organizations?

From experience we know the answer is an astounding amount. To expand on the concept above, let us merely consider one point: what would the organization look like after most or all of the black hole creating items were identified then handled? What would management’s vision of the organization be then? Would the planned project still go ahead? If so, would it go ahead in the exact same form and with the same people? Add on to this the value gained because any one of the above listed projects would gain tremendously from a better aligned, better functioning, more transparent organization with little or no backlog and a high level of data integrity at the commencement of such project.

Any way we look at it addressing black hole creating items has a significant payoff and ignoring them is a path to ruin.

The ultimate price to pay for ignoring a black hole in an organization is corporate bankruptcy.

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