Value to customers

Basic Premise
The basic premise of our work is this:

If the failures of basic activities can be lessened then many of the larger problems organizations face will be lessened or disappear altogether.

Problem We Solve
Basic activities not being completed properly, or at all, often at the micro level, causes a drag on an organization’s financial and operating performance.

The inattention to basic activities allows an accumulation of failures to occur unnoticed until at some late point the damage manifests itself on financial reports, in operations, and elsewhere. Ideally, we would like to prevent this damage from occurring in the first place, however if it has already occurred then our goal is to terminate the damage from continuing and clean-up the damage that has occurred.

How We Solve It
We solve the above problem by locating then eradicating numerous failings (and discover opportunities) at the micro level.

For example, we locate and fix data integrity issues, forgotten procedures, breaks in basic communications, basic work not being completed or completed properly, and opportunities to gain efficiencies. We do so by applying our uncomplicated Corporate Streamlining Technology® which includes, among other things, our systematic function/business review that combs through the organization searching for opportunities, and failings that are then addressed to the point of terminating root causes. Both the review and repair are ‘hands-on’ often detail-level work.

Value to Customers
An organization operating as management intended it to operate.

The intensity of problems and number of problems our clients experience is reduced, and the probability of them resurfacing is reduced. The result is an organization operating as management intended. This is value that extends well beyond the life of the streamlining project. Upon that solid foundation management can operate the business, strategize, implement new programs, and/or improve business processes more effectively.

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