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What Is Corporate Streamlining Technology®?
Corporate Streamlining Technology® is a process that identifies black hole-creating items then begins to eradicate them. It is a process applied by streamliners resulting in organizations working more efficiently and more effectively toward their stated purpose. The more the process is applied to an organization the more gains will be realized until there are few or no more organizational gains to be had.

What Is Corporate Streamlining Company Inc.?
Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. is an organization that applies the Corporate Streamlining Technology® process to organizations.

Corporate Streamlining Company Inc. is manpower that becomes temporarily added to a company's existing workforce to help overwhelm problems.

Why Is Corporate Streamlining Technology® Needed?
Because organizations tend to break down from within allowing black holes to form. This is a result of syntropy forces and entropy forces working against each other with entropy forces winning at times.

Syntropy - a tendency toward harmonious association in an open system.

Entropy - a tendency toward disorder or randomness in an open system.

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